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Piteba Manual Oil Press

Create your own pure, fresh oils with the Piteba Manual Oil Press!

The Piteba Manual Oil Press is a manually operated tool, designed to easily extract oil from seeds and nuts that are rich (25%) in oil. The press has been developed for nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and coconuts, and for seeds such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and many other varieties of oil-rich seeds.

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The Piteba Manual Oil Press is handmade in The Netherlands to an extremely high standard. It must be securely fixed to a sturdy bench or table to prevent movement whilst turning the press handle. The press comes with a small burner designed to gently heat the nuts/seeds as they are pressed, to assist the oil to flow. Despite the slight heating with a small burner the oil can still be considered as “cold pressed”.

The pressed oil will settle and clarify in a few days and can then be decanted – no need for filtration. You will have beautiful, pure culinary oil of whatever variety you choose!

The Piteba Manual Oil Press is available as a standard oil press on it’s own, or as a standard oil press WITH a special attachment for Olive Oil pressing:

Piteba Manual Oil Press Piteba Manual Oil Press with Olive Oil attachment

Many oil-containing nuts and seeds around the world are farmed or gathered from wild plants. However, processing these nuts and seeds for oil is often not viable because the oil extraction rate is too low.

The Piteba Manual Oil Press solves this problem. It is a low cost press for small scale oil processing. Almost any conceivable oil seed or nut with more than 25% oil to seed can be processed – generally, without any pre-treatment.

The Piteba Manual Oil Press can be used to produce a nut paste such as peanut butter and marzipan. Furthermore, the oil and press cake can be sold in the local market respectively for household use or as protein concentrate in animal feed.

Designed by Edwin Blaak, the main features and benefits of the Piteba Manual Oil press include:

  • Affordable means of pressing oil
  • Manually operated – by one person
  • Simple operation
  • Universal: for all seeds and nuts with over 25% oil
  • Continuous pressing
  • High extraction efficiency – processing up to 5 kg seeds per hour
  • sturdy design – quality handmade manufacture
  • very little maintenance
  • Small size and light weight: 2.3 Kilo (5 pounds)
  • Original Piteba design, Holland hand-made tool
  • includes an illustrated instruction manual
  • includes a multi-function tool for assembly

The Piteba Oil Press is compact. It fits in an A4 size package of 6 cm thickness. This allows shipping many Oil Presses per pallet, reducing freight costs.

Size: 20 x 13 x 6 cm
Total weight: 2.3 Kg